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Akahada-Yaki Ceramics Experience

Make a traditional one-of-a-kind Akahada-Yaki Ceramic in Nara!

There are many types of Japanese Pottery and Akahada-Yaki is one of them.

Akahada-Yaki dates back to 1573 in Nara Prefecture, the origin of the name Akahada comes from Mt. Akahada which literally means "mountain of red clay showing on the surface of a hill".

The Lord of Koriyama Castle, Hidenaga Toyotomi (Hideyoshi Toyotomi's younger brother) invited Yokuro, a master potter from Tokoname Pottery to start producing pottery to cater to the tea ceremonies.

It was one of the seven kilns favored by the tea master Kobori Enshu.

Akahada-Yaki is most known for it's simplistic beauty.

Details Akahada-Yaki Ceramics Experience includes creating your own designs on either a rice bowl, Japanese tea cup, plate or vase.
Duration60 to 90 minutes
Minimum Number of Participants10 or more
Transportation Bus pick-up available (additional cost)
Additional NotesIt's possible that your clothing may get dirty so we recommend dressing accordingly.
Remarks Availability and Price Upon Request

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