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Hand-Stretched Somen Noodle Making Experience

This is a culinary experience you don't want to miss!

Somen is a Japanese Thin Wheat Noodle.

Did you know there are roughy 4 types of Japanese noodles?

Somen is the thinnest wheat noodle most notably associated with summer since Somen is served chilled with ice water most of the times.

Udon is another type of wheat noodle but much thicker than Somen.

The other 2 types of Japanese noodles are Soba which is made from buckwheat and wheat flour and the most well known noodle worldwide is the Ramen noodle.

Miwa, Sakurai City in Nara Prefecture is said to be the origin of Somen noodles.

In Miwa, Miwa Somen Noodles are made by hand stretching them.

Dates September to June
Duration 1 hour
Minimum Number of Participants This requires at least 10 or more participants.
Transportation Bus pick-up and drop-off available (additional cost)
RemarksAvailability and Price Upon Request

Hand-Stretched Somen Noodle Gallery

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