"Terakoya of Japan" experience course

Become A NINJA!

Learn about the history of the Ninja and experience the specialized training skills.

The Ninja Master of the professional Ninja Group "Kurondo" will exclusively train you.

Ninja's are historic figures in Japanese history, they were the masters of disguise and their specialized skills made them spies and assassins to keep the peace.

Here's what's included in the Ninja Training Workshop:

  • History of the Ninja Moral
  • Meditation and Kujikiri, which is the practice of using hand gestures to strengthen the mind and for self defense
  • History of the Ninja Costume
  • Introduction to Tojutsu, which is the skills and technique needed to climb walls and trees
  • Ninja Wisdom of Exchanging Secret Information
  • Ninja Walking Skills
  • Introduction of Ninja Tools
  • Shuriken Training, which is training using Ninja stars
  • Photo Session with the Ninja Master

Here are some performances by the professional Ninja group "Kurondo"

Duration Duration of the Ninja Training Workshop is about 90 minutes.
Minimum Number of Participants The workshop requires at least 10 or more participants.
Transportation Hotel pick-up and drop-off available (Additional Fee Required)
RemarksAvailability and Price Upon Request

Ninja-show gallery

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Inquiries about this experience

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Address1-5-26 Imai-cho , Kashihara city , Nara

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